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How to Order

Antiques & Home Decor

All of our products, with the exception of furniture items, can be ordered directly from our website. For shipping details please see our Shipping & Delivery policies.

Mennonite Furniture

To inquire about our furniture and/or begin the ordering process, we ask that you complete a product inquiry form. Before completing this form, please consider the following details for some tips of what to include in your inquiry

Measure how much space you have for the furniture. You may be tempted to "eyeball it", but having accurate measurements will help us craft furniture that fits your space perfectly.

We have so many options for you: modern, rustic, traditional or anything that comes to mind! Knowing what you are looking for will help us design the custom furniture that aligns with your expectations.

Wood Type
Appearance is a large factor when choosing furniture. Natural wood grains vary with no two pieces alike. The durability of the wood type should also be considered to style.

Wood Texture
The options regarding the texture of the wood has also been on the rise ever since rustic furniture has become more popular. We have many options available, from smooth, hand-planed to mill sawn.

Picking the finish is another way we can customize your furniture to perfectly match your expectations. Anywhere between paint to stain colors, we have about 15 different colours you can choose from.

You may have the option to personalize your furniture even further by choosing different hardware, or even supply your own!

Deposits and Timeframe
All furniture orders require a 25% deposit to process.  The balance of the order is due and payable when you receive your furniture.  For custom furniture pieces, we require a 50% deposit.  Most orders are completed in 10 -  12 weeks but the timeframe will be confirmed at the time of ordering.